SfN 2021 Posters and Talks!

Here are some video links to the posters presented at SfN this year

  • Marlies Oostland presenting her work in which a cerebellum-based mouse autism model is faster at learning a working memory task:


  • Junuk Lee is presenting his investigation of the role of norepinephrine in cerebellar learning:


  • Fred Uquillas is presenting his work to understand the brains of people with autism, and how cerebellum-neocortex relationships may be mediated by intermediate structures:


Some Poster Slides too - Videos will follow!

  • Joey Broussard is working on faster-kinetic GCaMP -  looking at the newest round of them and finding amazingly fast responses:


  • Mikhail Kislin has found that cerebellar learning (and forgetting) are context-dependent in a way that suggests a complex role for cerebellum:


Henk-Jan Boele has performed a massive meta-analysis of dendritic spine maturation in neocortex, across a dozen species:


There will be many updates this week!  Stay tuned!