Wang Lab Research

Research interests are represented both by published papers and by more recent work. Below we outline several of the projects currently going on in the Wang lab.

The cerebellum in evidence accumulation and decisionmaking - Marlies Oostland, Joey Broussard, Ben Deverett

Genetically encodable calcium indicators for fast monitoring of brain circuits  - Joey Broussard, Laura Lynch

The cerebellum, cognitive development, and autism - Jessica Verpeut, Henk-Jan Boele

Large-scale mapping of synaptic pathways and brainwide processing networks - Tom Pisano, Zahra Dhanerawala, Kelly Seagraves, Jessica Verpeut

Using natural movement to study how the cerebellum shapes behavior - Mikhail KislinJessica Verpeut, Ugne Klibaite, Lindsay Willmore. With thanks to Talmo Pereira, Josh Shaevitz, Mala Murthy, and the R01 program project grant.

The effects of neuromodulation on synaptic plasticity and motor learning in the cerebellum - Junuk Lee