People List

Samuel S.-H. Wang
Principal Investigator

Sam Wang is a professor of neuroscience at Princeton University. An alumnus of the California Institute of Technology, where he received a B.S. with honor in physics, he went on to earn a Ph.D. in neuroscience from the Stanford University School of Medicine in 1993. He conducted postdoctoral research at Duke…

Zahra M. Dhanerawala
Alumna: Research Specialist

Zahra is a Research Specialist working in the Wang lab as part of BRAIN COGS at Princeton University. She joined the lab after completing her B.Sc. at Simmons College and senior thesis work at Harvard Medical School. She is interested in using viral tracing, microscopy, and computational…

Yusup Badiev
Software Engineer

Yusup is a software engineer at Princeton who primarily works on the brainsharer collaboration with UCSD to make tools for analyzing and collaborating on volumetric data. He also works full time on the developer tooling team at Latitude AI, a subsidiary of Ford working on creating self-driving vehicles. Before that he worked on the simulation…

Yuhang Chen
Alumnus: Graduate Student

Yuhang Chen is a graduate student in the Quantitative and Computational Biology program. His interests lie in the interface of neuroscience and biophysics. He is currently studying the cerebellar contributions to spontaneous behaviors by modeling the motions of freely moving mice using technologies in computer vision and machine learning.…

Yi Liu
Program Administrator and Academic Assistant
Veronica Zhang
Undergraduate Student

Veronica is an undergraduate student at Princeton, majoring in Neuroscience with certificates in Global Health and Health Policy and Engineering Biology. In the Wang lab, she studies how cerebellar perturbation in young mice impacts cognitive development and dendritic spine dynamics.

Veronica Wang

Veronica is a data scientist specializing in the spatiotemporal analysis of kibble, with a focus on unseen leftovers. In her spare time she likes to shed.

Ugne Klibaite
Alumna: Postdoc 2018-2019, together with Josh Shaevitz
Thussenthan Walter-Angelo
Undergraduate Student

Thussenthan is an undergraduate student at Princeton, majoring in Molecular Biology with certificates in Computer Science and Neuroscience. He is interested in studying the effects of norepinephrine on synaptic plasticity, learning, and memory in the cerebellum at the Wang Lab.

Thomas J. Pisano
Alumnus: M.D./Ph.D. Student until 2019
NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein Predoctoral Fellow

Tom Pisano is an M.D./Ph.D. student and a NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein Predoctoral Fellow in the Wang Lab. His research concerns the long distance connectivity of the posterior cerebellum. His research uses a combination of viral tracers, computational neuroanatomy, machine learning and whole brain clearing techniques to look at the topographical…

Seth Sherry
Project Manager


Seth manages studies at BlinkLab that integrate computer vision and machine learning with mobile technology for neurobehavioral testing. His work, driven by an interest in applying machine learning for behavior analysis and biomarker identification, supports making neurodevelopmental assessments more accessible. Seth is…

Sara Guariglia
Alumna; Autism Research Manager

Sara is an Autism Research Manager who joined the lab after completing her doctoral studies in developmental neurotoxicology at CUNY and her work as an Associate Research Scientist at Columbia University.  In the Wang Lab, she is using her background in imaging and behavior to study the role of the cerebellum on neocortical…

Sanjeev Janarthanan
Data Analyst
Office: PNI A67H

Sanjeev is a Neuroscience Data Analyst serving the BRAIN CoGS collaboration. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Washington in Applied Math. As an undergraduate his research focused on finding biomarkers for Parkinson’s disease using machine learning methods. Sanjeev will assist in various microscopy and computational…

Rachel Tam
Undergraduate Student


Rachel is an undergraduate student in the Neuroscience department at Princeton. She is interested in the functions of the cerebellum and neurodevelopmental disorders. Her work in the Wang lab focuses on social behavior in mice using SLEAP.

Mikhail Kislin
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Office: PNI A84F

Mikhail is a postdoctoral research associate in the Wang Lab. He obtained his doctorate in Physiology and Neuroscience at the University of Helsinki, where he studied fine morphological alterations of neurons during brain injury and recovery with innovative optical in vivo imaging methods and developed research instruments for brain studies in…