2023 Cerebellum Gordon Research Conference

The 2023 Cerebellum Gordon Research Conference celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the meeting in Lewiston, Maine, featuring a diverse array of sessions, encompassing topics such as evolutionary developmental biology of the cerebellum, cellular and functional diversity within the cerebellum, cerebellar contributions to brain-wide networks, and cerebellum as a target for therapy in motor and non-motor pathologies. Leading the conference as vice-chairs were Dr. Sam Wang and Dr. Alanna Watt, along with Dr. Roy Sillitoe and Dr. Daniella Popa as co-chairs. Among the speakers and organizers were former Wang Lab members, Dr. Jessica Verpeut and Dr. Aleksandra Badura. We are excited to announce that Dr. Sam Wang will be serving as one of the co-chairs for the upcoming 2025 conference. We look forward to reuniting with the vibrant cerebellar research community once again at the next conference.