See current work from the Wang Lab at SfN 2022!

Wang Lab members will be presenting their new and exciting research findings at the 2022 Society for Neuroscience meeting, in San Diego, CA, between Nov. 12-16th. Make sure to drop by the following posters and talks! 


Nanosymposium #: 176.03 

Modulation of cerebello-neocortical structural covariation in neurotypical development and autism spectrum disorder

Presenter: Fred d'Oleire Uquillas


Poster #: 213.18

Different context-dependence of acquisition and extinction of sensory associative learning in freely-moving mice

Presenter: Mikhail Kislin


Poster #: 163.12

Smartphone-mediated neurobehavioral testing as a digital biomarker for neurodevelopmental disorders

Presenter: Henk-Jan Boele & Seth Sherry


Poster #: 413.06

A biophysically-inspired decoder for burst activity and single spikes using jGCaMP8f

Presenter: Gerard Joey Broussard


Poster #: 639.13

Noradrenergic tone modulates cerebellar nuclear activity-dependent performance in delay eyeblink conditioning

Presenter: Junuk Lee


Poster #: 603.07

Scalable dynamics of synaptic growth in mammalian neocortex

Presenter: Esra Sefik


Poster #: 569.01

Effects of social context on free exploration in a mouse model of autism

Presenter: Rachel Tam