People List

Betty Wang

Betty is an expert in human subjects research, with a focus on olfactory interviewing techniques. In her spare time she enjoys pandiculating.

Ben Deverett
Alumnus; M.D./Ph.D. Student until 2019

Ben studied cerebellar roles in decision-making and working memory using an evidence accumulation paradigm. His work includes two-photon calcium imaging, optogenetic manipulations, and behavior modeling.

Archie "the Dude" Wang

Archie "the Dude" recently joined the lab. His first project is a comprehensive gustatory study of natural and man-made environments.

Anurag Pratap
Undergraduate Student

Anurag is an undergraduate student at Princeton, majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Creative Writing and Gender & Sexuality Studies. He is currently engaged in a study of the cerebellum's role in free exploration in the developing vs mature brain, using automated pose tracking techniques in the Wang Lab.